Classification of fire sprinkler

There are five categories of fire sprinkler heads, including pendulous sprinkler heads, vertical sprinkler heads, ordinary sprinkler heads, side wall sprinkler heads and concealed sprinkler heads.

1. The pendant sprinkler is the most widely used sprinkler, which is installed on the branch water supply pipe. The shape of the sprinkler is parabolic, and 80~100% of the total water volume is sprayed to the ground. For the protection of rooms with suspended ceilings, sprinklers shall be arranged under the suspended ceilings. Pendant sprinklers or suspended ceiling sprinklers shall be used.

2. Vertical sprinklers are suitable for installation in places where there are many moving objects and are prone to impact, such as warehouses. They can also be concealed on the roof in the room ceiling mezzanine to protect the ceiling boron with more combustibles.

3. Ordinary sprinklers can be installed directly or vertically on the spray pipe network to spray 40% – 60% of the total water down, and most of them are sprayed to the ceiling. Applicable to restaurants, stores, warehouses, underground garages and other places.

4. The side wall type sprinkler is installed against the wall, which is suitable for installation in places where spatial pipe laying is difficult. It is mainly used in the light dangerous parts of offices, hallways, rest rooms, corridors, guest rooms and other buildings. The roof is a horizontal plane of light hazard class, medium hazard class I living room and office, and the sidewall type sprinkler can be used.

5. Concealed fire sprinkler is applicable to high-end hotels, residences, theaters and other places where the ceiling needs to be smooth and tidy. The cover of concealed spray is welded on the thread with fusible metal, and the melting point is 57 degrees.

Post time: Nov-19-2022