Working principle of various fire sprinkler heads

1. Glass ball sprinkler

1. The glass ball sprinkler head is a key thermal sensitive element in the Automatic Sprinkler System. The glass ball is filled with organic solutions with different expansion coefficients. After thermal expansion at different temperatures, the glass ball is broken, and the water in the pipeline is sprayed upward, downward, or to the side of the splash tray with different designs, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic sprinkler. It is applicable to the pipe network of automatic sprinkler system in factories, hospitals, schools, machine shops, hotels, restaurants, entertainment places and basements where the ambient temperature is 4 ° C~70 ° C.

2. Working principle.

3. Structural characteristics Closed glass ball sprinkler is composed of sprinkler head, fire glass ball, splash tray, ball seat and seal, set screw, etc. After passing the full inspection of 3MPa sealing test and the qualification assessment of sampling inspection items, the set screw is solidified with adhesive and supplied to the market for regular installation. After installation, it is not allowed to re assemble, disassemble and change.

2. Fast response early fire sprinkler

A kind of quick response thermal sensitive element sensitivity in automatic sprinkler system. In the early stage of a fire, only a few sprinklers need to be started, and enough water can quickly act on the sprinklers to extinguish the fire or inhibit the spread of the fire. With the characteristics of fast thermal response time and large spray flow, it is mainly used for thermal sensitive elements of automatic sprinkler systems such as elevated cargo warehouses and logistics company warehouses.

Structural principle: ESFR nozzle is mainly composed of nozzle body, ball seat, elastic gasket, support, locating plate, sealing gasket, splash plate, fire glass ball and adjusting screw. At ordinary times, the fire glass ball is fixed on the sprinkler body by support, positioning plate, adjusting screw and other oblique fulcrums, and undergoes the hydrostatic seal test of 1.2MPa~3MPa. After a fire, the fire glass ball quickly responds and releases under the action of heat, the ball socket and bracket fall off, and large flow of water sprays to the protection area, so as to extinguish and suppress the fire.

3. Concealed sprinkler head

The product is composed of a glass ball nozzle (1), a screw socket (2), a housing base (3) and a housing cover (4). The nozzle and the screw socket are installed together on the pipeline of the pipe network, and then the cover is installed. The housing base and the housing cover are welded together by fusible alloy. When a fire occurs, the ambient temperature rises. When the melting point of the fusible alloy is reached, the cover will fall off automatically. With the continuous increase of temperature, the glass ball of the nozzle in the cover will break due to the expansion of the temperature sensitive liquid, so that the nozzle can be started to spray water automatically.

4. Fusible alloy fire sprinkler head

This product is a kind of closed sprinkler that is opened by melting the fusible alloy element. Like the glass ball closed sprinkler, it is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, warehouses, underground garages and other light and medium hazard automatic sprinkler systems.

Performance parameters: nominal diameter: DN15mm Connecting thread: R “Rated working pressure: 1.2MPa Sealing test pressure: 3.0MPa Flow characteristic coefficient: K=80 ± 4 Nominal operating temperature: 74 ℃ ± 3.2 Product standard: GB5135.1-2003 Installation type: Y-ZSTX15-74 Splash pan downward.

Main structure and working principle The water flow rushes out of the seal seat and starts to spray water to extinguish the fire. Under a certain amount of water flow, the water flow indicator starts the fire pump or alarm valve, starts to supply water, and continues to spray water from the opened sprinkler head to achieve the purpose of automatic sprinkling.

Post time: Nov-19-2022