Conceal Type Automatic Fire Sprinkler

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Response special/quick
K-factor 5.6(80.6)/8.0(115.2)
Installation type pendent
Glass ball diameter 3mm/5mm
Place of origin Zhejiang, China


The concealed sprinkler is composed of glass bulb sprinkler, screw sleeve seat, outer cover seat and outer cover. The sprinkler and screw socket are installed on the pipeline of the pipe network together, and then the cover is installed.

installation environment

Concealed fire sprinkler is suitable to be installed in places with luxurious decoration, high appearance requirements, limited space and exposed sprinkler easily cause collision, such as hotels, clubs, office buildings, entertainment centers, etc.

working principle

The sprinkler head and the screw sleeve are installed on the spray pipe road together, and then the outer cover is installed. The outer cover seat and the outer cover cover (decorative cover) are welded into one by fusible alloy. When the fire occurs, the ambient temperature rises and the melting point of the fusible alloy is reached, the outer cover (decorative cover) will fall off automatically, and the splash tray of the sprinkler head will move down. As the temperature continues to rise, the glass ball sprinkler head inside the cover will be broken because of temperature sensitivity and liquid expansion, thus opening the sprinkler head to spray water automatically.

  • Maximum applicable ambient temperature


Cover drop temperature Nozzle starting temperature
38℃(100℉) 57.2(135) 68.3(155)
49℃(120℉) 73.8(165) 79.4(175)
63℃(145℉) 73.8(165) 93.3(200)

Product advantages

1.Nozzle corrosion resistance, surface polishing treatment.

2.Short response time and high extinguishing efficiency.

3.Water uniformity, spray wide range, can effectively suppress the spread of the fire, in order to reduce losses.

4.The workmanship is exquisite and of high quality



About Us

My company's main fire products are: sprinkler head, spray head, water curtain sprinkler head, foam sprinkler head, early suppression quick response sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler head, glass ball sprinkler head, hidden sprinkler head, fusible alloy sprinkler head, and so on.

Support ODM/OEM customization, according to customer requirements.


Cooperation Policy

1.Free sample
2.Keep you updated with our production schedule to ensure you know each process
3.Shipment sample for checking before shipping
4.Have a perfect after-sales service system
5.Long term cooperation, price can be discounted


1.Are you a manufacturer or trader?
We are professional manufacturer and trader for more than 10 years, you are welcomed to visit us.
2.How can I get your catalog?
You can contact via e-mail, we’ll share our catalog with you.
3.How can I get the price?
Contact us and tell us your detail requirements, we’ll provide accurate price accordingly.
4.How can I get sample?
If you take our design, the sample is free and you pay shipping cost. If custom your design sample, you need to pay sampling cost.
5.Can I have different designs?
Yes, you can have different designs, you can choose from our design, or send us your designs for custom.
6.Can you custom packing?


The products will pass strict inspection and screening before leaving the factory to eliminate the output of defective products



We have many imported processing equipment to support the manufacturing of various fire sprinklers, hardware and plastics.




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