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Open sprinkler is a sprinkler without release mechanism. The closed sprinkler is an open sprinkler after removing the temperature sensing element and sealing component.

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Open sprinkler:Open sprinkler is a sprinkler without release mechanism. The closed sprinkler is an open sprinkler after removing the temperature sensing element and sealing component. The open sprinkler head is mainly used for the deluge system. It can be divided into vertical type and drooping type according to the installation form, and can be divided into single arm and double arm according to the structure. Under normal circumstances, the sprinkler is in the open state (there is no water inside), and the water spraying can be started only in case of fire. Generally, it can be controlled by the deluge valve (or manual water spraying valve). The sprinkler system, sprinkler system (or deluge valve), and the deluge control system.

What is the difference between open sprinkler and closed sprinkler head?
1. Different references
Open sprinkler head: It is a kind of fire-fighting facilities that can automatically open the sprinkler head to spray water and extinguish fire and send fire alarm signal at the same time in case of fire.
Closed sprinkler head: It is a component for direct water spraying and fire extinguishing. It is an automatic sprinkler with heat sensitive element and its sealing component.
2. Different working principles
Open sprinkler head: It is an open sprinkler head. The open sprinkler head is in the normally open state without temperature sensing and locking device. In case of fire, all open sprinklers in the system protection area where the fire is located will water out together to extinguish the fire.
Closed sprinkler head: Closed sprinkler head is adopted. It is a normally closed sprinkler head. The temperature sensing and locking device of the sprinkler head will fall off and open the sprinkler only under the predetermined temperature environment. Therefore, in case of fire, the sprinkler system can only be started when the sprinkler is in the flame or near the fire source.
3. Different working methods
Open sprinkler head: At ordinary times, the roof fire water tank is filled with water. When a fire occurs, the sprinkler will melt after the temperature reaches a certain temperature, and the water in the pipe will spray out automatically under the action of the water pressure of the fire water tank. At this time, the wet alarm valve will open automatically, and the pressure switch in the valve will open automatically. The pressure switch has a signal line interlocked with the fire pump, and the pump will start automatically.
Closed sprinkler head: According to thermal sensitive elements, it can be divided into two types: glass bulb sprinkler head and fusible element sprinkler head; According to the installation form and water distribution shape, it can be divided into vertical type, sagging type, side wall type, ceiling type and dry sagging type.

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