Fusible alloy/Sprinkler bulb ESFR sprinkler heads

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ESFR is a sprinkler that starts automatically within a predetermined temperature range under the action of heat to distribute water in a certain shape and density on the designed protection area, so as to achieve the early inhibition effect.

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Model ESFR-202/68℃ P ESFR-202/68℃ U ESFR-202/74℃ P ESFR-202/74℃ U ESFR-242/74℃ P ESFR-242/74℃ U ESFR-323/74℃ P ESFR-323/74℃ U ESFR-363/74℃ P ESFR-363/74℃ U
Mounting Pendent Upright Pendent Upright Pendent Upright Pendent Upright Pendent Upright
Flow Characteristics 202 202 242 323 363
Thread Size R₂ 3/4 R₂ 1
Nominal action temperature 68℃ 74℃
Nominal Working Pressure 1.2MPa
Factory test pressure 3.4MPa

Background – History

In the 1980s, early suppression, fast response (ESFR) sprinkler systems were developed as an alternative to in-rack systems. They were designed to actually suppress or extinguish the fire, while conventional sprinklers can only control fires, therefore eliminating the need for extinguishment by firefighters.
How do they work? ESFR sprinklers are designed to release 2-3 times the amount of water of conventional sprinkler heads and to emit larger droplets of water, which in turn have a greater momentum than droplets emitted from conventional heads. As a result, more water and a greater share of the water reaches the fire allowing the flames to be extinguished.


In general, ESFR systems can be used in warehouses with storage that do not exceed 40 feet in overall height, and with a ceiling height of less than 45 feet. And there are sprinkler system protection schemes that will allow storage above those heights. These may include in-rack sprinklers or a combination of ESFR with in-rack sprinklers.
ESFR systems are designed to protect a wide array of commodities. This provides more flexibility in warehouse operations when compared to control mode (conventional) sprinkler systems, which are designed to protect only the commodities that were stored at the time of system installation. If the storage situation requires in-rack sprinklers to be installed to the existing control mode systems of a warehouse building, often building owners prefer to change over to ESFR, simply because then there is no need to worry about damaging in-rack sprinkler heads during normal storage operations. Additionally, in-rack sprinklers have to be removed and sometimes replaced with each new tenant, since the tenants own the racks. Therefore, converting to an ESFR system is at times more cost-effective in the long run.

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My company's main fire products are: sprinkler head, spray head, water curtain sprinkler head, foam sprinkler head, early suppression quick response sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler head, glass ball sprinkler head, hidden sprinkler head, fusible alloy sprinkler head, and so on.

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1.Are you a manufacturer or trader?
We are professional manufacturer and trader for more than 10 years, you are welcomed to visit us.
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You can contact via e-mail, we’ll share our catalog with you.
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If you take our design, the sample is free and you pay shipping cost. If custom your design sample, you need to pay sampling cost.
5.Can I have different designs?
Yes, you can have different designs, you can choose from our design, or send us your designs for custom.
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The products will pass strict inspection and screening before leaving the factory to eliminate the output of defective products



We have many imported processing equipment to support the manufacturing of various fire sprinklers, hardware and plastics.




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