Fast response Fire sprinkler heads

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Fast response sprinkler refers to the closed sprinkler with response time index RTI no more than 50 (m * s) 0.5, such as 3mm diameter glass bulb sprinkler and fast response low-pressure sprinkler.

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Fire Sprinkler

Material Brass
Nominal diameter(mm) DN15 or DN20
K factor 5.6(80) OR 8.0(115)
Rated Working Pressure 1.2MPa
Testing pressure 3.0MPa holding pressure for 3min
Sprinkler Bulb Fast response
Temperature rating 57℃、68℃、79℃、93℃、141℃

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What are the differences between fast response sprinkler and standard response sprinkler?

It can be understood from the literal meaning. The reaction speed of the two is different. Fast response sprinkler under certain environment, its response is more sensitive and its thermal sensitivity is higher than that of standard response sprinkler. Once a flame is found, it can be quickly opened to extinguish the fire.

Where is the fast response sprinkler suitable for?

1.Some public entertainment places, hospitals or activity places for the elderly, children and the disabled, as well as some underground shopping malls, supermarkets or tall floors, should use fast response sprinklers.

2.Some of the fast response sprinklers are pendent type and some are ceiling type. If there is a ceiling in the room, the sprinkler can be arranged below. One is a pendent sprinkler, which is widely used. It is installed on the branch pipe of water supply. When spraying water, it presents a parabola.

How to choose the fire sprinkler heads?

The selection and application of sprinkler shall be determined according to the fire risk of the protection place, the building structure of the protection space, the characteristics of the automatic sprinkler system, as well as the flow coefficient, thermal sensitivity index RTI and the maximum protection area of the sprinkler. The fast response sprinkler was first used in residential buildings in the 1970s, and then used in warehouses in the 1980s. Its RTI is less than 50 (m * s)½.

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My company's main fire products are: sprinkler head, spray head, water curtain sprinkler head, foam sprinkler head, early suppression quick response sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler head, glass ball sprinkler head, hidden sprinkler head, fusible alloy sprinkler head, and so on.

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The products will pass strict inspection and screening before leaving the factory to eliminate the output of defective products



We have many imported processing equipment to support the manufacturing of various fire sprinklers, hardware and plastics.




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